Friday, September 7, 2007

Posts from the Plowed Side

Okay, so we all bought the hype and convicted some elite kids based on a pack of lies. But hey, it is still America after all, and that does ultimately mean that many of us can still afford justice. I applaud these stalwart upper crust heroes and I'm truly grateful that the system finally caught up and exonerated them (yes, truly I am, I wish these guys all the best, really). Still, *come here to the side with me* still... guys. You rented strippers for your Ivy League Preppy Self-Love Club. Maybe in the future you won't be so surprised if someone you hire looks at you and thinks, "Paycheck." Just a thought.


Does not play well with others said...

A hard won lesson, no doubt. I bet none of them even goes to a bachelor party for a very long time.

Rusko Elvenwood said...

The prosecuting attorney had to do a 24-hour jail term. I wonder if he'll get out early for good behavior.

I'm pretty sure they'll keep him in a private cell for the whole time. He wouldn't fair well in general population.

It's kind of a token punishment I think.

Saber said...

At least he was disbarred for this.