Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Free Press

Hello everyone. Thank you DNPWWO for inviting me to be a contributing author on this blog. Coincidentally, the topic of this post parallels the topic of the last post I made to my personal blog almost exactly one year ago - George Bush and his failing war.
A colleague of mine recently sent me an article that he had presented to the local newspaper as well as The Washington Post. His article was turned down by both papers. I feel his article was turned down because he makes a comparison of Bush to Hitler. No matter how ‘FREE’ the press is, they still have to appeal to the majority of their readers. Just because the majority agree doesn’t make it right.
So for my friend’s sake I have copied it in its entirety here as part of my first post to this blog.

Bush and Hitler
Stan Simpson

The Greeks taught us that character is destiny. That is, if one knew one’s enemy’s or friend’s nature, it becomes fairly obvious what his future will hold. Roughly speaking, I think this assessment of the human predicament is accurate.
George Bush is a good case in point. In many ways, his personality is analogous to Adolf Hitler. Both Hitler and Bush demonstrate a nature which functions around only few core ideas. These ideas are sacrosanct, and Hitler would not, and Bush will not, brook any opposition to them. Both Hitler and Bush were impervious to any persuasion to change their course because the current military situation demanded it. The fatal flaw in this kind of defective posture is the person ceases to be able to deal with reality and becomes delusional. I think it can be cogently argued that Germany lost the war because of nine strategic decisions of Adolf Hitler; likewise it can be demonstrated America lost Iraq because of Bush’s strategic blunders.
To begin with, this benighted Administration’s raison d’etre for the invasion was based on a false premise: we had to occupy Iraq in order to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction. When it became obvious there were no WMD’s, the Administration promptly switched horses and announced we were there for a regime change. Having accomplished this, and having found Saddam Hussein, we then proclaimed we now had to stay to stabilize our newly installed satrap regime until they were vigorous enough to stand on their own two feet without our help. In short, America now had a crown colony complete with a governor-general with a pith helmet and swagger stick. And we were in for the long haul, despite lies from the Administration we were there only temporarily. We immediately began to build the largest and most expensive embassy on this planet, coupled with huge and enormously expensive air bases, which only a fool would believe were being built for a “temporary” stay.
One does not have to be an Einstein to figure out that oilman Bush---ever loyal to the oil cartel that put him in power---is there to secure Iraq’s oil for American oil companies.
And so, we can expect Bush, like Hitler before him, to scream “stay the course” to the last minute of the Bush administration. It is foolish to think Bush can do otherwise. He is not psychologically capable of admitting he can make even one major mistake. Like Hitler in April, 1945, when the Russians were only six blocks away from his Berlin Bunker, Hitler yells to his bedraggled staff that he is not going to retreat one inch. Madness, sheer madness!
Americans must realize their current leaders no longer believe in democratic principles.
The real reason General Pace was fired was because of what he said on two past occasions. One, the National Press Club, February 17, 2006. “It is the absolute responsibility of everybody in uniform to disobey an order that is either illegal or immoral”. And Two, “They will be held accountable for the decisions they make. So they should in fact not obey the illegal and immoral orders to use weapons of mass destruction’” as stated in an interview with Wolf Blitzer in 2003.
Let us hope the commanders, now in place, will remember they swore to defend the constitution of the United States and not George Bush. September should be a very interesting month.

Stan Simpson is a humanist and a former Major in the USAF. His main duties were as a navigator on a combat crew.


Saber said...

While I essentially agree with everything Mr. Simpson said, I think it's worth pointing out that oil isn't the only source of profit for Bush_Lies Inc. Don't forget the billions of dollars spent on 'no bid' contracts for the bases built (and being built) as well as supplies and non combat personnel to run them. It's called the military industrial complex for a reason, and it's exactly what Eisenhower was trying to warn us about in his farewell address.

Does not play well with others said...

The court of public opinion is slowly but steadily swinging our way. What I find most sad are all of the people out there who continue to ride the burning Bush bandwagon all the way into the ground despite all the evidence of the lies and atrocities carried out by the Bush administration. Dubya is the rock their church is built on, and no amount of fact or evidence will sway their faith. Sound familiar?

Keefer Milton said...

...Off in who's trailer they were wacking.

Rusko Elvenwood said...

It does sound familiar. It sounds like the SS divisions that blindly followed Hitler's command.

Saber said...

Yeah, and they knew their leader had the might of gawd behind him too. German army soldiers had "Gott Mit Uns" (God with Us) emblazoned on their belt buckles above the nazi emblem. And if the xtian right had their way, I'm sure our soldiers would be similarly adorned.