Friday, May 23, 2008

Uncovering Ignorance

In a recent article on CNN it is stated that …Educated people have the notion that evangelicals are "barefoot people of Tobacco Road who, I don't know, sleep with their sisters or something.”

The article explains that not all evangelicals are fundamentalists, and that most ‘evangelical scientists’ believe in evolution guided by god. They are trying to shun the popular belief that christian evangelicals are uneducated, inbred, and socially retarded. They want to legitimize their place in the scientific mainstream, however, it is difficult for science to give credit to anyone who blindly believes in some magical genie in the sky that guides your day-to-day endeavors.

Scientific method starts without presupposition about any observation, and through repeatable experimentation, and much scrutiny from the scientific community, come to understand the nature of our surroundings. This is not true of one who places faith in spirits, afterlife, holy ghosts, resurrections, wild doomsday predictions, and untold myths explaining natural phenomena. Even the contradictory term ‘evangelical scientist’ painfully exposes the ignorance of a futile attempt to legitimize a flawed world view.

There are studies being done to determine the intelligence of evangelicals. How funny that the studies are being done by ‘Evangelical Sociologists’. Don’t be tempted for even one minute to think that religion and science can mix. Religion has long been used as a way to explain things away to anyone with an inquisitive mind, thereby quashing any chance at the progression of the species. This touches on the very heart of why religion is dangerous.

When then governor of Texas, George W. Bush proclaimed a new Texas holiday called Jesus Day, he ignorantly violated the establishment clause of The Constitution, and the people in Texas loved it. How can he even visit Jerusalem after crap like that? He even used his appeal to the evangelicals for political leverage to win the whitehouse, and we let him.

The evangelicals, fundamentals, young earthers, and the like had better be finding some hard evidence supporting their position, or I’m afraid they will never be published in any of the respected scientific journals. ‘An acceptance of science does not negate a belief in god’, but continued belief in god without any proof negates your credibility. Think About It.


Saber said...

this is kinda off the main topic, but i hit a tangent at the end heh.
If you truly believe that prayer is an effective force then you have to take a share of the responsibility any time it doesn't work. After all, it can't be a failure on god's part, it has to be a failure on the prayer'ers part.
So which part is worse here, the savior complex of the praying person that thinks they might have stopped Hurr. Katrina if they'd lived a bit better or prayed a bit harder, OR the deliberate manipulation of credulous people by church leaders who propagate that belief in order to keep a populace in perpetual penitence?

Rusko Elvenwood said...
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Rusko Elvenwood said...

I think that the act of prayer is a psychosomatic thing. Kinda like taking a placebo. If you really think it will make your headache go away, even if it went away on it's own, you'll swear by that placebo.

There have been some studies done on the effect of prayer on patients who have been told that people are praying for you. And a control group of people that people were prayed for but they didn't know it.

The ones who thought they were being prayed for got better more often than the ones who were being prayed for unknowingly.

Change only takes place through action, not through meditation and prayer. --The Dali Lama*

When the emergency technician is about to apply CPR, nobody says: "Wait! Let's pray first."

Q. "When did you realize that you were God?"
A. "While praying. I realized I was talking to myself." --The 14th Earl of Gurney (Peter O'Toole), who has the delusion that he is Jesus Christ in "The Ruling Class".